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We run on a very fine edge

We run on a very fine edge

One of my athletes asked about running the NYC Marathon.  She was tired and verging on injury.  I recommended not to run the marathon.  That was three weeks ago.  Now she is asking about the Las Vegas Half Marathon in 12 weeks.

She's over 60 years old and says "I'm very competitive against myself."

Here's my response to her:

Runners and all adult endurance athletes suffer from the same issue.  In order to succeed at an endurance sport we need to learn to persevere, push past pain that would normally stop us in our tracks.  We learn to endurance pain and discomfort for long periods of time.  And that is what makes us succeed, that's what separates us from the average adult in our world.  We've been to the edge.  We know how to push ourselves - physically and mentally - to accomplish what most can not.

But, that is also what leads us down the wrong road.  The road to injury and exhaustion.  It becomes harder to recognize when we need to rest and recover.

Our new found ability to push past the pain is exactly what leads to our most difficult problems - injury and exhaustion.

We run on a very fine edge.

All those attempting a race in the remainder of the year, I believe should think hard about this.


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