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I was on a “recovery” ride with Julie yesterday around 10am.  The park was fairly empty and the weather was wonderful.  I had just completed the NYC Triathlon and was satisfied with my performance.

We were rounding the turn at Lasker Pool when I apparently hit something in the road.  Both Julie and I were looking out for things that would make us go “bump” on the road.  In fact she commented on the two holes in the pavement that have been there all winter.

The next thing I knew, my bike was turning violently to the left.  I fought it and started to bring it back in line, but not quite.  I crashed hard.  I landed on my left shoulder and my helmet.  Apprently not satisfied with the bodily damage I already inflicted on myself, I rolled on to my face and slid a few yards kissing the pavement.

Julie threw her bike onto the grass and came running up to my motionless body lying in the middle of the road.  She had watched the entire accident and since I wasn't moving, was very concerned.  I finally started a loud moan/sream.  And then yelled for someone to turn me on to my back.  I'd had enough of kissing the pavement!

The police were there within minutes and Julie called 911 for an ambulance.  My helmet did it's job - cracked nicely in half and protected my head.  The police asked me my name and what day it was - I amazed and pleased Julie by telling him it was “Monday, July 11, 2005.”

I asked them to help me sit up, but that wasn't going to happen.  I couldn't put any weight on my right arm.  The EMT arrived and insisted I remain on my back. Not wanting to be told, I reached over and checked out my right shoulder.  There was an uncharacteristic indentation between my neck and the shoulder.  I  broke my collar bone.

What I couldn't understand was why it was so difficult to sit up.

They put me in the ambulance and a second police van arrived to take Julie and our bikes back to our building. 

We arrived at St. Vincent's Hospital, where Julie works, and I was greeted by two nurses and two doctors.  What royal treatment. 

X-Rays revieled a  broken collar bone and possible fractured rib(s).  I was given a sling and some pain killers and eventually went home.  I was to see an orthopedic surgeon as a follow-up.

I saw the surgeon today.  He confirmed the collar bone break - it's displaced and there's a large gap between the two pieces.  He recommended surgery.  I agreed after he promised to use the new Michael Phelps implant in my shoulder!

Surgery is scheduled for Wedneday early afternoon.  Julie and I will now have matching titanium plates - my shoulder and her elbow. 


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