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Century Road Club Association - CRCA
A bicycle racing club in New York City, CRCA provides coaching and friendly competition for all ages. We hold club races for men, women and juniors in graded races based on ability on most weekends from March through November in Central Park and promote a number of open races each year. We are the largest racing club in the country.

The emphasis of the club is development -- preparing riders to succeed in open races. Expert coaching is free to members. Club meetings are a forum for tips on training and nutrition. Sub-teams within CRCA give members an opportunity to race using team tactics.

Club race formats include mass start loops of Central Park, points races and time trials (individual, 2-person, 4-person). Generally, three races for diferent ability levels are held at one time; separate women's fields are scheduled several times each year. The final event of the season is the popular Turkey Race.

To race with CRCA, you must become a member of the Club and of the US CyclingFederation (USCF), the national administrative organization of bicycle racing.CRCA also has a non-racing category of membership that enjoys all the otherbenefits of the club.

The Club was established in 1898, the same year in which the City of New York was formed, and has been a major force in bicycle racing throughout its more than one hundred years of operation. Racers who have entered the sport through the club have gone on to win National and World Championships and Olympic medals.


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