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Running Video Analysis

A key tool for improvement of your running is Video Tape Analysis.  The ability to make corrections depends on a good body awareness – a good kinesthetic sense.  It is difficult to break old habits.  It is especially difficult when you do not have a good image of your running stride.  Using a video camera and taping your running, we can greatly improve your kinesthetic sense, awareness of your body position, mechanics and stride.  We do private Running Video Tape Analysis.  These are 15 minutes or 30 minute sessions of video taping of your running.  We will tape you running at race pace and training pace, up and down hills, head on view, rear view, and side view.  Contact us for more details. 

This program will improve your running technique.  The goals are:

  • identify technique flaws
  • improve technique image
  • suggest corrections and modifications to running stride
  • improve efficiency

Session Dates

Sessions are scheduled on an individual basis.  They will last from  15 to 30 minutes, depending on your experience and needs. 


Running Video analysis

Video Analysis Consultation

$ 150

60 min

Full Video Analysis - CD/DVD, notes, tips & review

$ 200

60 min

Availability is limited.

For additional information on this or any of our programs, contact: Neil L. Cook, 212-472-9281 or 917-575-1901 or e-mail: Coach@SLB-Coaching.com or Neil.L.Cook@mindspring.com

Contact us to  discuss your needs and to setup an appointment.

More Information
  Cost: Various
  Schedule: By Appointment only
  Location: tbd


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