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Want to improve your swimming, running, triathlon?

Beginner, Age Grouper, National or World class athlete?

I can help you reach your goals, improve your performance, stay injury free and have fun!

I've worked with beginners and world class athletes.

I work with Triathletes and Runners.

No Doubts, No Excuses, No Limits

I have been coaching and teaching swimming since 1958. I have over 37 years of experience as an endurance athlete. I have coached beginners through Team USA and Kona Champions. Contrary to local rumor, I was not around when running was invented!

Running Coaching: We use a unique combination of warm-up and warm-down drills designed to improve range of motion, prepare your body for top level performance and prevent injuries.

Sign-up for individual coaching, a coaching consult or one-on-one coaching sessions. All will help you focus your training and reach your goals.

I can help you reach your goals, improve your efficiency & performance, have fun and remain injury free.

I use proven scientifically based coaching techniques - biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, neurophysiology and neuropsychology based coaching. I am athlete focused, extremely supportive and communicative with my athletes.

Training plans can be found in magazines and books, it's adapting any plan to the individual athlete's current fitness status, lifestyle and changes as the season goes on that defines an outstanding coach and an outstanding season.

Adults need objective and knowledgeable support, a coach that has a deep source of knowledge and experience (coaching as well as competing) and unquestionablesupport for their athletes. It's all about the athlete! Motivation must come from the athlete, the coach should keep you focused and keep your priorities constantly in mind.

“Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything.“

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” - Robert Breeson

“A good teacher is one who says something you won't understand until ten years later.” - Julius Lester

Professional Coaching Programs

Make this your best possible year, training with the right coach and the best training program. I provide professional coaching for adult endurance athletes – runners, triathletes, swimmers and cyclists. I work with all levels of athletes, from first timers to elite level athletes. I have the experience and background to help you attain your goals.

Do you think anyone ever went to be coached by John Wooden, Bear Bryant, Doc Councilman, Vince Lombardi or Arthur Lydiard because those five were good athletes? Or because they were great coaches? What I did as an athlete did not make me the coach I am today. Picking a coach because (s)he raced fast is just plain missing the point.

A coach provides an objective resource to his athletes. I provide regular feedback and guidance. My knowledge and experience are invaluable resources – from selecting a challenging and attainable goal and designing an appropriate training program to race selection, injury prevention, support and advice.

A well-designed training program will help prevent injuries, manage volume, quality, intensity and variety to balance your family, job and social life with your training. Your coach is your trusted adviser – helping you select races, providing encouragement, support and regular feedback.

I provide skill development as part of my coaching programs. I also provide each athlete with extensive training information appropriate to his or her goals, skill and fitness level, experience and time commitment.

I have successfully coached many athletes at all levels. My athletes have not only reached their goals, but also have won numerous awards and set Personal Records. In addition, they have had fun!

I have an extensive educational background in Physical Education, Coaching, Motor Learning and Neurophysiology, as well as many years’ experience as an athlete and coach. I first began coaching swimmers in 1965.

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Triathletes - Swimmers - Runners

Athletes of all levels: First Time Athletes – Established Athletes – Advanced Competitors
Triathlon: Sprint – Olympic – Long & Ultra Distance
Swimming: Open Water – Masters
Running: Road Races – Marathons – Ultra Marathons

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Coaching Programs
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Training Information
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